Monday, September 1, 2014

Mani Monday // Sally Hansen nail wraps

 Happy Mani Monday, beauties!

Last week (and currently) I'm rocking some Sally Hansen nail wraps I found on clearance at Target. I love them - they are SO super sprakly, and I love the burgundy, sparkly half moon! They're called "Disk-O Queen" and I think I paid $2.54 for them.

Of all the wraps I've tried, I still have to say that the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish strips the best. They are so easy to put on, and don't require any heat, and they form really well to my nails. I can do all ten nails easily in less than ten minutes! I do use a base coat with them, even though the instructions say not to. I do the base coat, and wait about a half hour so that it's fully dry, and then do the strips. (About two years ago I did some Halloween SH nail strips that were a creepy green, with webbing. SUPER cute, but they completely turned my nails green and they stayed that way until they grew out. Ever since then I've used base coat, and have had no problems at all!)

SO, what were YOU rocking??! Link up below, and I'll pin some favorites! And FYI - Mani Monday next week will be on Tuesday. I have a sponsored post due Monday. (Sorry, but mama's gotta pay some bills.....)

Have a great week, everyone!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Younique Review and Giveaway

 Happy Thursday, everyone!

A couple weeks ago my friend, Alyssa was generous enough to send me some Younique products for review, and I finally had some time to play with them and form a solid opinion.

One word: wow!

So, I know Younique is known for their amazing 3-D Fiber Lash Mascara, and I was excited to finally try it for myself. My thoughts? YES - it is that amazing! Here is a side by side comparison of one of my eyes with no makeup, and one with just the fiber mascara. Crazy, right?!?! (And sorry that it's such a weird pic, but I could not for the life of me get a better one, lol!) The mascara goes a bit differently than typical mascaras - you do a quick coat of the Younique transplanting gel, and then a coat of the green tea fibers. (Both are included when you buy the mascara) then you do another coat of the transplanting gel to seal everything in.

Next up is the Younique lip gloss. Alyssa sent me Ladylike. It's pretty, however it's suuuuuuper pigmented (which is not a bad thing) and came out much brighter, and a bit more orange than I was expecting from what I saw online. It's very moisturizing for a gloss, and has great staying power. I also LOVE that there is a mirror on the side of the gloss itself, so you don't need to fish around for one when you want to pop some color on your lips:

Blurry pic, but here I am after wearing the lip gloss for a couple hours - still color and shine!

I also tried out the Awake facial cleanser, which left my skin feeling super clean, and the eye pigment in curious, which is a gorgeous highlight color. I also tried (and adored!) the Moodstruck Glorious Face & Eye Primer, which was absolutely amazing! You apply a pea-sized amount to your entire face before applying foundation. It felt like silk, and helped my foundation go on beautifully and stay all day!

And who wants a FREE Younique lip gloss? Simply shop on Alyssa's site anytime between now and September 6 and you'll be entered (shoot her an email at after you purchase.)

Overall I really liked the line, and can't wait to try more products! Have you tried Younique? If so, which are your favorite products??!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mani Monday

 Happy Mani Monday, friends!

This week I'm sharing some fun nails I sported a few weeks ago, inspired after one of my favorite rings!

I started out with a base coat of "Dot" by Zoya, and then added a brighter pink triangle - "Kiss Me, I'm Brazillian" by OPI. I didn't love it on it's own, so I added some gold glitter (a no-name one from Sally Beauty Supply, in a striper bottle.) I love the way it came out! I used washi tape to make the triangles a bit more precise.

What were YOU rocking last week?? Link up below, so we can all see, and I'll pin some faves!
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