Friday, January 30, 2015

Three Things

1. THIS sneak peek of Undercover Boss (on TONIGHT on CBS), which features the CEO of Stella & Dot, Jessica Herrin. She is absolutely amazing and a huge part of why I love my job! Make sure you guys watch tonight!!

2. My new foundation (and brush) are seriously amazing. I've had overly oil skin most of my life, that has switched to combination, and now it's on the combination/dry side, but I still tend to get breakouts. I tried this foundation and couldn't believe how much I loved it! It provides a ton of hydration, good coverage, and stays all day. It gives me a dewy glow, that doesn't look greasy and I can't recommend it enough!

3. The fun metallic magnets on our garage fridge. We got this fridge for free a couple years ago and have dubbed it the "party fridge". It houses an array of adult beverages, but also serves as storage for extra food when we throw parties, which is often. I found a random set of alphabet magnets in the garage, so one day I decided to spray paint them gold (but them I needed to buy another pack so I could get another "R" - the pack only had one of each letter. Womp womp.) Anyways, the plain gold was just ok, so I did random diagonal stripes of rose gold nail polish. (Copper Penny by Essie.) It adds a fun, little punch to our beat up, dingy, freebie fridge ;)

What are YOUR three things?? Let me know, and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Leila's 8th birthday slumber party

I cannot believe my baby girl turned eight last Sunday! Her birthday party was very low-key and simple, and exactly what she asked for. She wanted a slumber party, and a slumber party is what she got. I found THIS cute invitation, and started thinking...

A few months ago Leila handed me a little list with everything she was hoping for her party:
  • make your own pizzas and my spaghetti for dinner
  • little pink cupcakes from Lizzy D Minis
  • matching pajamas
  • and pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast.
Check, check, check, check. I added a few things too - eye mask decorating (with puffy paints) and t-shirt decorating (with fabric markers.) Here are their supplies:

When the girls arrived the first thing they did was decorate their t-shirts so that I could throw them in the dryer (and make the fabric markers permanent) before they went to bed. They also decorated their eye masks, but none of them were dry in time for bed (or even the next morning when their parents picked them up!)

Then they decorated their own mini pizzas. Papa Murphy's sells great little kits for only $3 each with child-sized personal pizza dough, cheese and pepperoni, but I added some other toppings for them to use too. A big treat for the night was soda - Leila had been begging for 7-Up and Rootbeer!

After pizza and spaghetti their t-shirts were done, and they all changed into their matching jammies:

And then it was movie time! They watched "Matilda"

Then it was cupcake time! Leila chose s'mores cupcakes with pink frosting. My friend Liz makes THE best cupcakes, cake pops and other treats! If you're local you can order at

And then it was time for gifts! This is Leila and her sweet best friend, Olivia:

After gifts they chatted, colored, and chatted some more. They had lights out at 11:00 (which I already thought was super late) but I had to go out again at 1:00am to go to sleep. But then again at 3:30am they were still up and chatting. I had to send out the big guns - Tony - to tell them to go to sleep. We didn't hear them again after that, lol!

I was up before anyone else in my house on Sunday morning (Leila's actual birthday) It was a sea of sleeping girls in my living room!

I'd already started making pancakes, and the girls starting waking up around 8:00.

These pictures cracked me up - they were doing a hair train!

I got pictures all throughout Sunday from moms of girls at the party, showing their girls napping, lol! It was a sweet, little party, and my girlie was thrilled.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Three Things

1.  The beyond adorable Classroom Valentines cards from Minted!! You guys, I have *such * a crush on Minted, and their selection of Valentines is just too cute not to share! These certainly blow the random thin-papered ones from the drugstore right out of the water, and I think I need to order them for the girls! (They also kind of make me want to throw a Valentines party!!) Check them all out here - which is your fave?  ....there is also a coupon if you click to the right --->

2. My new planner. It is so darn cute! I got it on Amazon (the price has since gone up, but I paid only $23) I love the bright, beautiful illustrations, cute fonts, gorgeous photos, and the awesome stickers that were included! There are still a few on the Lilly Pulitzer site still available too.

3. My new shower curtain. My friend Kelly linked to it a couple days ago and I had to have it. I love how it brightens up my (already bright) bathroom!

What are YOUR three things?? Be sure to let me know!
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