Monday, October 20, 2014

Mani Monday

 Happy MANI Monday, everyone!

Did you have a great weekend??

Did anyone get their nails or toes done this weekend? Anyhoo, I'm currently rocking Ciara by Julep and obsessed with it!! I can't stop staring at my nails, it's that good! In some lights it's almost a burgundy with tiny teal specks, in some lights in completely teal, in some lights it's completely shimmery purple, and sometimes it seems like it's about ten colors all rolled into one. It is seriously stunning!!!

What are you rocking?! Let me know in the comments!

Oh yeah, and have you entered my big giveaway with Julep yet??

Friday, October 17, 2014

Three Things

1. Julep! I love all of their products and am currently deciding what color to paint my nails (so come back Monday!) I also love giveaways. And instagram. If you're not following me on there, you probably should be......hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge ;)

2. Chandelier by Sia, especially the video. Particularly because Coco is so obsessed with it. Yes, I know the girl does some creepy weird faces, but the dancing is mesmorizing! Coco watches the video and mimics the dance moves, and tries to recreate them. She even asked her teacher to play it this week at dance, and Coco was feeling the music, and dancing her little heart out!

3. Speaking of Coco, this picture cracks me up. I took it right before her dance class the other day, right after she stole the scarf off my neck!

What are your three things??

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Last Summer we went to Seattle for a week-long family vacation, and while it was great, Tony and I have been itching to go back without the girls ;) When Tony saw that the Tough Mudder was going to be in the Seattle-area, he decided we needed to make it happen! So we took a short, little flight from Nor Cal to Seattle for him and his brothers to do the Tough Mudder, and for us to celebrate our anniversary a bit early/

We got to Seattle on Thursday night, and were so excited that we had to document it by taking a fresh off the plane, hotel selfie before we even got to our room:

Speaking of our amazing hotel, we stayed at Motif, which was right downtown, in the heart of everything. I can't recommend it enough. Amazing staff, beautiful hotel, great view, and they sent us this on our first night too:

The next day we were up and ready by 8am, despite trying to sleep in. No worries, though. The weather was chilly and a bit drizzly and I was THRILLED to be able to wear a sweater and scarf!

After grabbing some coffee we headed a few blocks down to Pike's Place.

 Pike's Place is such a cool spot. Unlike any other farmer's market I've been to, they have everything from fresh-caught fish, amazing produce, handmade goods, and the most amazing flower bouquets for only $5!!!

 Tony was dying to do the Underground Tour, so we did. It was kinda cheesy, but very interesting learning about Seattle's history. Tony had a Seinfeld moment and pretended to do a bit up on stage.
 An old admission sign from a "gentleman's club"

Later we walked down to the waterfront for an amazing seafood meal.

The next day the rest of our group met us. We hit up the Space Needle:

 And that night went to a Mariner's game. Though I'm an A's fan, I was a Mariners fan long, long before the A's were even on my radar, and I still love them. My hubby and brother-in-laws made fun of me for that, but the Mariners are still close to my heart, and that night they won in an 11-inning game!

The next day was awesome - everyone else did the Tough Mudder, and I had the day to myself. (And what a glorious day it was...) Pampering at Julep, people watching at Pike's Place and lots of shopping!

....oh yeah, at the Tough Mudder the boys got mohawks. Ugh. Not a fan, but by now it's all shaved off and growing back.

On our last morning we went to one of our favorite spots - Biscuit Bitch, and then headed to Pike's Place one last time.

We all had a late afternoon flight, and were back home in time to see the girls before bed.

It was a GREAT trip!

So tell me - where is your favorite spot to get away for a few days?

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