Boo-ing the neighbors

Last year we were “Boo’d” and had so much fun that we decided to “boo” our neighbors this year.  I got some cute boxes from Michael’s and filled them each with a mini pumpkin that I puffy-painted “Boo” on, some bubbles, tattoos, a granola bar, mini goldfish, a fake spider, fun dip (yum!) a few little candies and a certificate for a frosty at Wendy’s.  We “boo’d” three houses, on three different streets hoping to maximize the Halloween spirit!

Leila loved leaving goodies on the doorsteps:
We all had a lot of fun and will definitely keep up the tradition!

For a crazy cute free printable “Boo-ing” poem and sign, go here!  And while you’re there check out all of her other fabulous posts – one of my favorite blogs ever!