Pure Fun 14 Ft Trampoline Review

Many of us want to exercise but don’t have the time to go to a gym three times a week. This schedule conflicts make us confused and therefore we do nothing. Fortunately, there is a good solution of this problem which will not make schedule problem and no one need to go to a gym. You don’t need to run miles after miles and don’t need to take the help of rusty trainer at the gym. You just need to bounce to keep your body healthy and slim.

According to the experts rebounding is one of the best ways to lose extra weight because it helps to increase body’s metabolism. It also helps the lymph fluid to circulate throughout the body. Moreover, it does not have a negative effect on the body joint which is common in case of running and jogging. Rebounding on a trampoline absorbs 85% of the impact and thus makes your body safe. And no doubt that it is fun jumping and exercising at the same time.

If you think that trampoline is useful and you will give it a try then you should but it now. They have two basic shapes. One is rectangular and another one is circular. Circular one is considered as the ideal one because they provide even bounce and safer than any other thing. Moreover, they can absorb more impact. According to their different sizes they are classified in differently. There are some trampoline only for the kids where some of them are for the grown up. It is a better idea to buy one which can be used by the entire family. The Pure Fun 14-foot trampoline is the ideal one for that purpose.

Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline  Product Description

The pure Fun 14-foot trampoline lasts longer than any other trampoline because of its corrosion resistant and durable galvanized steel tubing. It is made implementing the patented T section joint. It makes it more strain protective and durable then any other welded trampoline. This high quality T-section connection provides strength and protects the trampoline by preventing the shifting of the legs.

Another interesting feature of this trampoline is its W shaped legs. These make it stable and prevent tipping over and wobbling of the legs. Apart from this, its high quality spring made of steel make the trampoline more bouncy than any other trampoline. Its UV and sun light resistive mat also withstand regular usage. For extra protection springs are also covered with extra padding.


Some Important Features of Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline  Product

• Implemented T section construction which is patented.

• Have a galvanized iron made frame which is more durable and unbendable.

• A secure fit is ensured by the T section for added stability.

• It has W shaped legs having 8 balanced points which helps to prevent tipping.

• It has 2 years limited warranty.

• It has passed every ASTM Safety Requirement.

• Maximum weight capacity of this trampoline is of 250 lbs.

• It has high-performance springs which provide more pronounced bounce.

Trampoline Review of Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline

The Pure Fun 14- foot trampoline is an easy and great way to lose weight and keep one’s lymph fluids flowing. The price is $299 which is affordable by most of the people. And if you buy it from Amazon.com then you can have it without shipping fees because it qualifies for Super Saver Shipping for free.

You will get the product and just have to include the patented T section connection for the legs. Assembling needs no welding at all, that is why it is easier to set up. You just need to follow the manual.

During the time of installing the T- bars are careful. Keep them all in the same size to ensure proper balance of the trampoline. And make sure to center the mat or you will get an uneven bounce from the trampoline.

After finishing the assembly you can check it. You will be surprised to notice its bounce. Its 88 high quality springs helps it to provide greater bounce than any other trampoline. Therefore, you can enjoy it well and have a better workout with it.
As it has a 2 years limited warranty you don’t need to be tensed for defective parts. The customer service provided by the manufacturer is simply great.